Pressure Washing In Shady Shores

We offer Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Services in Shady Shores.

Shady Shores Full Service Pressure Washing

Pressure washing dirty concrete driveway with surface cleaner.

Shady Shores Concrete Cleaning

Your sidewalks, driveways, and patios deal with a lot. They’ve got relentless exposure to mother nature, just as they’re constantly dealing with the impact of people, vehicles, and even animals travelling across their surfaces. Concrete is resilient — But it needs some help to stay that way. Enter Grimy Paws Pressure Washing !

Shady Shores Deck & Fence Cleaning

Any Shady Shores home with a deck, porch, or fence features an instant bonus. Your property has something special… And it should be enjoyed! Grimy Paws Pressure Washing offers deck & fence cleaning services in Shady Shores that protect the beauty and condition of your home’s standout “extras.”

Wooden deck with wet and dry areas.
Pressure washing a residential roof.

Soft Wash Shady Shores

When you look at your home in Shady Shores, do you see black streaks? Green smudges? Dirt? In our part of the country, mold, mildew, algae, pollen, and dirt are virtually unavoidable. Our team uses soft washing to completely remove any buildup that doesn’t belong on your siding.

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Grimy Paws Pressure Washing isn’t just a power washing company in Shady Shores. We are a customer service company! By putting you first, our services automatically stand out because your satisfaction is a priority.

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We clean everything! Shady Shores Commercial building, single family home, townhouse or apartment complex; our technicians are trained to clean your property from the curb to your roof.

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Our staff attends training academies to ensure your property gets the very best in power washing services!

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Shady Shores PRESSURE CLEANING & Soft Wash

We take steps to protect your home and property during pressure washing. All steps are to protect your property, lawn, and make the concrete shine like new.


Power Wash Shady Shores Today !

With our super simple service we can take you from getting a quote, right through to bringing old dingy grimy concrete, decks and more back to life. Pressure Washing your property can help raise your appraised value, and increase the longevity of concrete, wood and more.

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