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We offer Pressure Washing, Soft Washing Services and detailing services in Denton Metro.
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Soft Wash / House Wash

At Grimy Paws Pressure Washing, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX region, we recognize the importance of tailored care for various surfaces. Our soft washing service exemplifies our dedication to providing optimal solutions for each surface’s unique needs. We meticulously evaluate every project to determine the most suitable pressure level and environmentally friendly detergents to employ.

Soft washing is particularly beneficial for delicate surfaces that require a gentle approach to prevent damage, such as paint chipping or siding harm. This method is especially crucial for materials like vinyl and aluminum sidings, where excessive water pressure can compromise their appearance. Contact Grimy Paws Pressure Washing today for a complimentary estimate on soft washing services.

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Soft Wash Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor features like cast stone structures and outdoor kitchens are susceptible to damage from abrasive cleaning techniques. Our soft washing service ensures these sensitive areas receive thorough yet gentle cleaning, safeguarding their visual appeal and structural integrity.

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Reviving Wood Decks & Fences

Fences and wood decks are essential components of your outdoor area, but they can be vulnerable to damage from high-pressure washing. Our soft washing approach effectively cleans these surfaces while preserving their integrity and natural beauty.

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Roof & House Cleaning

The roof and exterior of your home endure constant exposure to the elements, leading to the accumulation of dirt and grime over time. Our soft washing service is ideal for these areas, providing a comprehensive clean without the risk of damage associated with high-pressure washing. This method prolongs the lifespan of your roof and siding, maintaining your home’s curb appeal.

For all your cleaning requirements, whether it involves delicate surfaces or stubborn stains, Grimy Paws Pressure Washing offers the ideal solution. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area, we’re committed to ensuring your property looks its best without compromising its integrity. Contact us for a complimentary estimate and experience the transformative difference our soft washing service can deliver.

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Engage with Grimy Paws Pressure Washing Today

Embark on a journey toward revitalizing your home’s exterior with Grimy Paws Pressure Washing. Explore our gallery to witness the transformative results we’ve achieved for countless homeowners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For answers to any inquiries, consult our FAQ section or reach out to our friendly team for personalized assistance. Ready to elevate your property’s curb appeal? Contact Grimy Paws Pressure Washing today for a complimentary quote and experience the unparalleled difference of professional power washing. Let us restore your outdoor spaces to their former glory.

Is Soft Wash Cleaning Right for You?

You are a good candidate for professional concrete cleaning services if:

You Want Clean, Great-Looking without damage of high pressure

Soft Washing can brighten your property and increase curb appeal.

You Have Dirty, Stained, or Dingy house or roof

Mold, stains, and built-up grime can be washed away with professional-soft wash services.

Your House, Roof are both in Good Physical Shape

Houses that dont have damage to the roof or that isn’t too broken is a great candidate for soft wash services.

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Why Soft Wash ?

Not every surface can withstand the force of high-pressure cleaning, which is where soft washing steps in. Offering all the advantages of traditional pressure washing, our soft washing technique safely and effectively cleans more delicate surfaces and exterior structures. At Grimy Paws Pressure Washing, our team members are highly skilled at assessing exterior surfaces to determine the optimal cleaning technique for your property.

Our Soft Wash Process for Homes

Unlike conventional home pressure washing, our soft wash equipment features a specialized nozzle designed to distribute the water’s force evenly, minimizing impact. By combining targeted, eco-friendly cleaning agents with water, soft washing can eliminate dirt, pollen, grime, mold, moss, and more from exterior surfaces. A house soft wash is perfect for cleaning:

– Vinyl siding
– Painted wood
– Stucco
– Soft stone surfaces
– Statues and monuments
– Gutters
– Shingles
– Other delicate surfaces

At Grimy Paws Pressure Washing, we invest in top-quality industrial-grade soft washing equipment. Catering to both commercial and residential clients, we possess the tools and expertise to tackle exterior surfaces of all sizes and types. As a trusted and experienced pressure washing service provider in the greater Denton, and DFW Metro area, We understand the impact our environment can have on exterior surfaces and know the most effective methods to achieve cleanliness.

Soft washing can rejuvenate your exterior and bring back the beauty of your special accents, enhancing your curb appeal and pride in your property. Furthermore, regular exterior cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your exterior surfaces, safeguarding your investment. For any questions, feel free to reach out, and contact us today to explore how a soft wash can benefit your home or business.


We Elevate the Appearance of Your:

– Vinyl Siding
– Stucco
– Painted Wood
– Pool Deck
– Patio

Our soft wash Products Will:

– Eliminate mold, moss, algae, and other biological elements
– Eradicate dirt, pollen, and grime buildup that dulls exterior appearance
– Penetrate deeply to remove all grime

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Grimy Paws Pressure Washing isn’t just a power washing company in Denton. We are a customer service company! By putting you first, our services automatically stand out because your satisfaction is a priority.

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We clean everything! Denton Commercial building, single family home, townhouse or apartment complex; our technicians are trained to clean your property from the curb to your roof.

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Our staff attends training academies to ensure your property gets the very best in power washing services!

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We take steps to protect your home and property during pressure washing. All steps are to protect your property, lawn, and make the concrete shine like new.


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With our super simple service we can take you from getting a quote, right through to bringing old dingy grimy concrete, decks and more back to life. Pressure Washing your property can help raise your appraised value, and increase the longevity of concrete, wood and more.

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